This is for

FPGA hackers looking for open source IP blocks they can reuse in their project.

running your own (chip) design on an FPGA? For that you need Verilog Blocks

Cool chips are a mix of different functionality for a certain usecase, and they make boarddesign sooo much easier.

An example is the ATJ331X with its USB 2.0, MCU, DSP, I2C, SPI, UART, 16 bit AD stereo microphone-in, SPDIF, Flash-controller, ZRAM, BROM, SRAM, DC/DC converter, LiPo charger, 20mW audio out amplifier.  A nice video about it you find here

A nice embedded SoC like the ESP32 contains a lot of function blocks

Existing Verilog open source projects

A complete Apple I implementation

A lot of Verilog projects can be accessed and build via FuseSoC which also supports icoBoard

Adding interfaces to an embedded Linux system via ICE40 FPGA link and video

Sound Synthesizer OPL3

VHF amateur SDR Radio project Link

VGA Camera module interface

JESD204B high speed interface

ieee 754 floating point library in verilog

CMAC keyed hash function using AES as block cipher

List MCU implementation in Verilog

VGA pattern generator

VHF Verilog SDR receiver written for Cyclone III

FM Radiosender in Verilog written for Cyclone III

H.264 Video encoder in VHDL

H.265 Video encoder in Verilog


Radio Signal processing components are on github

Sump2 a FPGA based logic analyzer

icoSoC Risc-V Microcontroller with interfaces running on icoBoard

ridecore out-of-order Risc-V CPU

Zip CPU, a small CPU for FPGAs

manycore SoC components

USB Host 1.1 in Verilog

V-Scale Risc-V CPU implementation

multiplierless multiplication FFT and FIR Verilog Generator

complete 32 bit Risc-V SoC with lot of peripherals

Video pattern generation without Framebuffer (Video)

Ethernet Core, USB Core, PCIe core, SATA core

TCP/IP Stack for 10 GBit Ethernet

Ethernet Engine in Verilog

MMU Controller

a complete CPU with SPI, VGA, Serial

68000 CPU with gameconsole

SATA for Elphel Camera project

Bexkat1 32 bit CPU

DDR3 controller

SDRAM controller

AXI Bus open source implementation (SystemVerilog on Xilinx)

2D Graphics controller for Embedded MCU

Arcade emulator in FPGA and a video about it realised with Spartan3 and embedded ARM

Amstrad homecomputer emulator (in VHDL)

Guitar effect engine (in VHDL) Link

Verilog code for SDR

Verilog Code for SDRAM controller

Verilog Code for another SDRAM controller (VHDL)

Some FPGA Project like PMODs with Verilog sourcecode (seems to be VHDL)

a GPS receiver implemented in Verilog

attaching a digital camera to PMODs

Infrared Receiver

Frequency counter

Digital Servo

6502 CPU Core (Verilog)

M32632 32bit CPU (Verilog)

I2S output (VHDL)

Floating Point Math in FPGA (VHDL generator)

Risc-V CPU (from Vectorblox)


Lots of complete legacy homecomputer systems implemented in Verilog like Acorn Archimedes

Infrared receiver

small gaming console with games on emulated CPU

A open source Verilog GPU implementation (will not fit into icoBoard) and  description

A small CPU with Debugger connection

2D graphics controller for MIPI display

Verilog Projects from Cornell  University

videos presenting the student projects

PDP-11 implementation running on ICE40 FPGA (sorry, currently it is in VHDL)

6502 implementation running on ICE40 (sorry, its too in VHDL)

486sx implementation which can run DOS and DOOM

PCEe Linux kernel interface implentation

available open source Verilog-blocks for icoBoard



SRAM (already part of icoSoC)

rotary dialer (already part of icoSoC)

SPI (already part of icoSoC)

CAN-Bus (currenlty worked on)

UART (already part of icoSoC)

i2C (currently worked on)

open source SoC systems

Link to article

missing Verilog-blocks for icoBoard


Image Sensor Interface (DCMI Digital Camera Interface, CSI)



Flash controller

Floating Point Unit

CRC block

math block

data/audio/video stream/image compression/decompression block

Interrupt controller

Kalman filter



PID controller

high resolution rotary position decoder

BLDC controller

Random number generator

LCD Interface (DSI)

resistive touch interface

capacitive touch interface

PS/2 keyboard

PS/2 mouse

SSI/BiSS master interface device

Ethernet 10/100MBit



BiSS-C interface

multi device time synchronisation

AD converter (different speed and bitdepth)

DA converter (different speed and bitdepth)




SHA Engine

MD5 Engine

DES Engine

AES Engine

HW supported VPN for MCU



LANc (Sony camera remote control)

one wire Battery management

narrow band digital signal filter

narrow band modulator/demodulator (FSK OOK QAM)

RX621T from Renesas is a SoC for motor control

it has lots of analog function locks and some additional DSP functions