This is for ...

people who do have a requirement for massive IO

ico X-tention boards enables massive IO

On each icoBoard up to three ico X-tention boards allows the connection of various additional hardware.  

Additionally there are 40 connections available at two 2*16 100mil connectors on the icoBoard.

Currently available is the ico X-tentionboard PMOD  for 4 additional PMOD modules as seen in the picture.

The following ico X-tention boards to connect other sensors and actuators are currently planned.

ico X-tention board UEXT  to connect to UEXT boards

ico X-tention board Groove to connet to several Groove sensors

ico X-tention board RaspiComm to connect up to four RaspiComm Modules

ico X-tention board Click to connect to Click Boards
ico X-tention board Tinker to connect to Tinker Bricklets

Additionally an interface board from dual PMOD to 32*32 LED panel is planned.