This is for

people with icoBoard

get started guide for using icoBoard with RaspberryPi

1. Get the raspbian image with icoTC (yosys, ArachnePnR, icestorm) and risc-v compiler toolchain (2.2 GB):

2. unzip the file

3. Write this image on a (min 16 GB) SD card. See this link for instructions:

3. Boot Raspbian from this SD card (with icoBoard attached). Open a
terminal window. Run the following commands:

        git clone
        cd icotools/examples/blinky

        make prog_sram

Now all three LEDs should perform a slow blink pattern.

You can add IO hardware via PMOD connectors of your icoBoard.

We made a list of hardware providers of those modules.


There is also a good blogpost of Pramode.