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  • FPGA beginners

learning material


is explaining icoTC FPGA toolchain used with the iceStick

Introduction to open source Verilog


Writing a 8 bit CPU in Verilog for beginners


Complete commercial video course 4 weeks to learn Verilog


Learning Verilog with Clifford (in german)

Part 1 (120 minutes)

Part 2 (120 minutes)

What is Verilog


3 hours introduction into Verilog

Video part 1

Video part 2

Video part 3

Learning Videos about programming FPGAs


20 educational videos about FPGAs and Verilog (en espanol)


Video about programming Verilog on Ice40


Complete UCLA University Digital Desgin and Verilog course

List of videos on youtube

Video intro into CMOS, Verilog and FPGA programming

Intro: How CMOS Works

Intro: from CMOS to FPGA

Part 1: learning Verilog

Part 2: Flip Flops

Part 3: finally programming the FPGA

Anton Pavlov put lots of Verilog material in Russian Link

Complete spanish 27 part tutorial to learn Verilog

Basic Verilog learning material at Embedded Micro

free Verilog Online learning course 

english tutorial for beginners

How to build your first CPU with an FPGA

complete serices of "How to do a FPGA project"

Writing a Pong Game in Verilog Video

How a computer is working on a transistor level Link

A visual CPU transistor simulator simulating the ARM1 Link

nice tutorials and and a nice IDE

Nice tutorial to learn Verilog

Learning FPGA design with a complete but cheap beginner board and great tutorials:

The 50 USD GO-Board 

Learning Verilog: 23 Lectures from ETH Zürich in English. Link

Fun with FPGAs for children

My first FPGA design: Lecture from Fosdem

Video explaining FPGA in general