This is for

people using their icoBoard with an icoUSBaseboard.

get started with your icoBoard and an icoUSBaseboard

The icoUSBaseboard is a carrierboard connected to your workstation or laptop over USB 2.0 and can be used as a programmer and powersupply for your icoBoard. You can get an icoUSBaseboard at Trenz.

To generate a bitstream for the icoBoard, you need to install all the required tools on your workstation or laptop.  You find the instructions on the iceStorm webpage.

For writing the bitstream from your workstation to the icoBoard, you have to use icoProg.

You build icoProg on the Linux PC with the make parameter `USBMODE=1` for this 
hardware setup. cd $HOME git clone cd icotools/icoprog && make USBMODE=1 install

cd $HOME/icotools/examples/blinky
make prog_sram

Now all three LEDs should perform a slow blink pattern.

Next Steps:
See for a much larger example application. (A complete SoC built around the PicoRV32 RISC-V CPU.)