interested in getting an icoBOARD 1.0?

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The icoBoard_Beta is pin compatible with the RaspberryPI 2B and RaspberryPi B+.

The icoBoard is not pin compatible with the original first RaspberryPi or the RaspberryPI Zero.

40 working boards have been manufactured in house, integrating the learnings for the icoBOARD_alpha. We currently use Altium, but hope to convert the design files soon to KiCAD files.

10 boards have been handed out at 32C3 in Hamburg. 22 boards have been sent out to those having indicated their interest by giving us their email adress at 32C3 or having sent us an email. The rest of the boards has been given out at FOSDEM 2016 end of january 2016. All 40 icoBoard_Beta are gone, additional 50 boards have been manufactured and are available since June 2016.

this is a Link to the schematic of the board.

The pinout (thanx to Chris L.)

below the pinout of P1 and P2

below the pinout of P3 and P4

We do have 3 Flatflex connectors mounted on the board to connet to external boards.

You can make your own extention boards to connect your electronics to the icoBoard.

If you want to purchase suitable Flatflax cables or connectors for your board from us, please send us an email

The 32C3 talk about icoBoard and its tools in Hamburg.

Video about production of icoBoards_Beta

HowTo: setting up the development environment with a RaspberryPi 2B

We hand out the icoBoards to interested and qualified programmers, tinkerers for 90 Euro/USD. We are mainly interested in advancing the icoTC toolchain and the software support of the board or realising cool projects with it.

mailinglist for icoBoard owners, ICEstick ownsers and other icoTC users with hardware.

People who already have icoBoards will work on projects like: CAN-bus controller for an electric car (Australia), VHF SDR (Poland), reprogrammable logic analyser (England), making video tutorials to work with icoTC (Spain). 

If you want to start playing around with the icoBoard, please send us an email.