please send me an email if you want to be informed when the icoBOARD bundle will be available.



This bundle includes:

  • RaspberyPi
  • Wifi dongle
  • 16 GB microSD card containing all software preinstalled
  • icoBoard
  • 8 LED PMOD module
  • 2A powersupply

You only need a USB keyboard, a USB mouse and a HDMI monitor with HDMI cable.

Everything is included so that you can compile your first Verilog example code and blink your first LED within 5 minutes after opening the box.

The bundle does cost 160 Euro and spares you the separate shipping cost for your RaspberryPi and the downloading of the microSD card image.

We plan to have domainspecific bundles with all the hardware required to work on usecases in the respective field


will have a SubGHz narrow band transceiver with IQ interface


will have a 640*480 camera module


will have a high power driverboard and a 5W brushless DC motor to implement control strategies