this is for

  • Students


If you want to work within the Google Summer of Code program, you can find ideas

we are interested in under the following links.

Fossi Foundation Yosys GSoC 2016

lowrisc Yosys GSoC 2016

The following list are general project ideas

  • Schematic Viewer for Netlists (SVG/JavaScript) Link

  • Porting ArachnePnR to OpenCL 1.2
  • Implementation Client of USB 2.0 of Daisho project  on icoBoard
  • Integrate FPGA tools like FuseSOC, Yosys, AachnePnR and a repository containing tested IP blocks into a webbased SOC generator suite for icoBoard and possible peripherals
  • implement a minion core executing a rump kernel in icoBoard acting as an device or network interface for the RaspberryPi (i2c,TCP/IP, i2s, SPI, CAN, PWM, Position, ..)
  • demo project tracking the position of a wireless microphone by radiosynchronized soundbeacons
  • implement a SDR narrowband modulator/demodulator in Verilog
  • implement a HDR video pipeline with a high speed low resolution camera sensor on icoBoard
  • implement a programmable smart powersupply with FPGA based control loops with icoTC
  • if you are an European Union citizen or from Asia of Africa: reverse and document a modern FPGA
  • port Contiki to Risc-V running on icoBoard and its interfaces.
  • Developing a Verilog Block listed here